Frequently asked questions

Membership Fees

1 - A joining fee ($50) that pays for the initial scarf, badges, woggle and scouting book. 2 - An annual base fee (currently $232/y) that pays for the Scouts Association registration (Scouts Victoria) and insurance. 3 - Joeys membership: $250.00/y per child, Cubs membership:$360.00/y per child, Scouts membership:$465.00/y per child, Venturers membership: $360.00/y per child, Rovers membership: $110.00/y per person There is a sibling discount of 10% for the second and 40% for the third (and subsequent) child applicable to the annual group fee (Item 3). If you have any questions email


New members are required to complete the Youth Membership Form and the Youth Membership Application - Supplementary Information documents. The Personal Information Record/Health form needs to be completed for excursions and camps. This form is editable, so you can save it after you have filled it in, ready for next time. Email the relevent section leader to register!

Uniforms and where to buy

All Scouts in Australia wear the Scouts Australia uniform shirt.

See the uniform for

Joeys (,

Cubs (,

Scouts (,

Venturers (,

Rovers (

Uniforms can be purchased from Vast Outdoors. The closest store to our Scout Group is located at 880 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin.

When a Scout is invested they will be awarded the black and white 1st Beaumaris Sea Scouts scarf, a woggle and badges.

Girls & Scouting

Girls have been part of Scouting in Australia since 1981 and 1st Beaumaris Sea Scouts has many girls currently enjoying scoutings in our sections.


Here are the age brackets for each section

Joeys - 5-7yo

Cubs - 8-10yo

Scouts - 11-14yo

Venturers - 15-17yo

Rovers - 18-25yo

Try out's

Please contact the leader of the relevant section to arrange a try-out. See “Get Involved”

History of scouting

Please find more history information on the Scouts Victoria webpage (

Other Cost

Camps, excursions or special activities may incur an extra cost. The Leader will advise you if there will be a charge and how much it will be.

Our Leaders

Our Scout Leaders are energetic, enthusiastic volunteers who enjoy making a positive difference to young people’s lives. All leaders must complete a basic training course and ensure that their training remains current. The Scout Association aims to provide all leaders with development opportunities so that they are able to operate effectively within their appointed role. All leaders at 1st Beaumaris Sea Scouts are required to provide a mandatory Police check and a Working With Children Check to provide references as part of their leader application.