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As a Venturer Scout, you could find yourself camping above the snow line, exploring underwater reefs, riding the wind in a high-performance land yacht, earning your pilot's licence, investigating a career in astro-physics, editing your own film, making a sculpture or climbing a sheer rock face. 
Venturer Scouts have the courage and confidence to say, try and do. You are given opportunities to experience the excitement of living and the training to develop into a capable, self-reliant individual.

Venture into Self Reliance!

The action and adventure a Venturer Scout experiences doesn't just develop your physical skills. It also prepares you to meet challenges, to deal with new situations, and to gain independence.

You work alongside adults, rather than being told what to do by them, and you draw on their experiences and contacts to get the best out of your program that you design to suit your needs.

You belong to a group of young people your own age, about 15 of you in a Unit. You run your own affairs through a Unit Council. You speak out for your own viewpoint and share the decisions, help make the plans and follow them through.

Venture in New Friendships!

Meeting new people can make you wary, even a little intimidated at times, but at Venturer Scouts everyone is friendly and enthusiastic about welcoming a new Venturer.

There are dances, hikes, barbecues, service projects and camps to give you a chance to get to know each other. You'll share the good times - and the tough times - and share the work, dedication and fun that it takes to be a Venturer Scout.

Venture into Careers!

You may have already chosen a career path, but if not it can be very confusing deciding which path to follow.

When you池e a Venturer Scout you have the opportunity to complete nationally recognised qualifications that are recognised after you leave school at TAFE or other training institutions.

At Venturer Scouts, we open your eyes to possibilities you may not have thought of by introducing you not only to new skills but to professionals and tradesmen who can show and tell you first-hand what their jobs are like. Your program may include visits to factories, laboratories and other places where you can see the workforce in action and make up your own mind.

Venture into Creativity!

As well as the many outdoor activities offered to Venturer Scouts, there are many other ways of expressing yourself and developing your creativity.

You can learn the guitar, put on stage plays, paint and write, go to the theatre, make films, take and develop your own photographs and express your thoughts and feelings on all kinds of issues.

Venture into your Community!

A lot goes on in your community, a lot that many adults still have no awareness of.

Venturer Scouts informs you and shows you what you can do to make a positive contribution to the community you live in. Your program may include learning politics so you can use your vote (when you turn 18) effectively, or environmental issues that concern your future, and you'll work on community projects that care for the elderly or handicapped.

It's a satisfying feeling to know that you can be an intelligent and useful contributor and you can be proud of yourself for making the effort.

Venture in Awards!

Awards are not given simply as token gestures but are EARNED BY YOU for striving and making REAL ACHIEVEMENTS. There are two awards to aim for:


The Venturing Skills Award

This can be gained during your first 12 months as a Venturer Scout. This is your first award. You then take on activity areas to work toward your Queen's Scout Award.

There are four activity areas:

  • Community Involvement

  • Adventurous Activities

  • Personal Growth

  • Leadership Development


The Queen's Scout Award

This can be achieved before you turn 18 as a Venturer Scout and the special test is a weekend leadership course. Its the ultimate Scouting achievement for the Venturer Scout Section.


Start your adventure Now!

It doesn't matter if you've never been in Scouting or Guiding before - you can still enjoy the fun and adventure of Venturing.


Come and visit us!


Our Venturers meet each week on a Wednesday from 7:30pm-9:30pm!

Please contact our Group Leader to arrange a visit;

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